Homefields Incorporated

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Residential Mission:

To create financially secure, long-term homes in safe, family-like settings where there is respect for the individual in a holistic sense, and fun and creativity are revered as basic human needs.

Vocational Mission:

To provide agricultural facilities for individuals who prosper with supported employment; to nurture integration through community interaction; and to cultivate a spirit of volunteerism within our community.

Homefields is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)3

EIN: 23-2744180


Our Spread

Homefields is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. We're home to people with special needs and host an organic CSA program that trains farmers with intellectual disabilities. This formula connects individuals to larger communities in a natural way. Our goal is to expand on this success, making a bigger impact in this community.

Elizabeth SwopeExtra Big Thanks

The Extraordinary Give event just wrapped up and. . . .wow! When the dust cleared, over 21,500 people gave nearly $3.24 million to hundreds of local organizations. Our thanks to the Lancaster County Community Foundation and Rodgers and Associates for organizing and hosting the event, and a special thanks to those of you who found us on the leaderboard.

Your donations will help expand our cultivation of organic farmland, fund a series of Talks in the Fields by local experts, host a farm-to-table event, and develop innovative projects that closely relate to our missions, such as an insect hotel that will foster pollinators.


Dorothy Lyet

In Memoriam

Homefields lost a founding member and a friend when Dorothy Lyet passed away on November 2. Our condolences go to her family, which includes Ted and Victor living here, as well as Paul, Juliette, and Suzanne.

Dorothy was an independent and astute person who generously supported a great number of causes and organizations throughout the community. She is remembered fondly and missed dearly.





Picnic Bench Dining in the Fields, 2013

Huge thanks to the 162 of you and the 20+ volunteers that made this day happen! The weather, the music, the food and the company could not have been more aligned for this inaugural event to preserve organic farmland, support people with disabilities, and to simply have fun and eat well.

80% of our organic foods traveled barely 1/10 of a mile, through Chef Steve Gainer's and Sous Chef Barb Aukamp's talented hands as they prepared tantalizing dishes for happy guests.

You congregated to protect 14 additional acres of organic farmland that has been that way for generations. We are here to see that vision expand for future ventures. Stay connected for updates through Facebook and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and check out the sponsors, menu, and more here!

Distinguished Civic Leadership AwardCivic Leadership Award

Homefields has received the 2013 Walker Center’s Distinguished Civic Leadership Award from Millersville University, recognizing “individuals or organizations that make noteworthy civic and community contributions of local, regional, national or international impact and who have been a catalyst for encouraging civic engagement on the part of others.”

The reception dinner was Thursday, April 11, following a keynote by Andrew Slack, Founder and Executive Director of the Harry Potter Alliance.

Homefields: 20 Years By the NumbersHomefields: 20 Years Later

How do you measure results? Can a picture really tell a thousand words? Click on the thumbnail to see what 20 years of community involvement, volunteer dedication, collaboration with other organizations, donations, and careful planning can achieve.


128LetortRoadSave the Land Drive

You may have heard about developers approaching our neighbor (and township) in attempts to build a housing development on what is now farmland. If they had succeeded, runoff chemicals and winter salt would have jeopardized our organic farm program, one that has provided produce to hundreds of local families and taught work skills to a hundred farmer trainees with barriers to competitive employment. Acres of farmland to our east would be paved over.

We responded quickly, buying time with a downpayment at auction. But we need your help on the mortgage. We need your donation to secure this land. You may not be able to buy an acre, but if you can help us to our goal of $250,000, farmland that’s been farmland for generations will stay that way. Otherwise, it goes back on the auction block.

Your donation will have an immediate and lasting effect in our community and we urge you to act now. Read through our history, ask us a question at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Most importantly, make a donation today through the button below (to donate using a credit card, click "continue" toward the bottom of the PayPal page). Thank you in advance!



In 1991, a group of parents and invited professionals came together to discuss the state of affairs for their children, and the plight of Lancaster County adults with mental retardation and other disabilities. Existing programs were at capacity with long waiting lists. Our group, determined to build a step where none existed, imagined a more flexible environment where adults with mental retardation and other special needs, families, and the community, would partner together to create new opportunities.



The Dream


We wrote a mission statement expressing a desire for a financially secure, long-term home in a safe, family-like setting where there is respect for the individual in a holistic sense, and where fun and creativity are revered as basic human needs. The home would be situated on land that supported a small farming operation with year-round projects. This environment, with many on-going activities, would stimulate residents and offer them new options. Then we took that dream and made it come true.




Five families who love an adult member with special needs incorporated, pooled their finances, and purchased an eight-acre farm in Millersville, PA in the summer of 1994. Homefields’ philosophy is a nurturing, self-sufficient one, so the people who eventually moved to Homefields, with the help of their families, were instrumental in renovating and personalizing their own home. Everyone rolled up their sleeves to remodel a ranch house, restore a stone house, disassemble and move a fence, paint a barn, clean up the grounds, and plant even more flowers.

Three years after the first meeting, three adults who require assisted living moved into the stone house. Soon after, the ranch house was completed and three other residents moved into that home.

The Present

Ted hspace=The residents continue to live as independently as possible at Homefields. They are supported by the professional staff of Community Services Group, are loved by their families, and are protected through the watchfulness of family members, advocates, the Lancaster County Office of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, and Homefields' Board of Directors. New families have come our way seeking a home for their cherished son or daughter.

The Goodwill at Homefields vocational farm program has taught work skills to over 200 farmer trainees. Hundreds of families have been nourished by the farm’s organic produce, grown by adults with disabilities and other barriers to independence.

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