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Melon or Winter Squash • Peppers • Eggplant • Edamame • Onions • Garlic • Asian Pears • Pawpaws

FARM TOUR on October 4 (9 am)


Homefields Care Farm is Lancaster County’s longest-running community-supported agriculture program and has created vocational and volunteer opportunities for hundreds of people who have a disability or other barriers to traditional employment. We’ve provided over 300 varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables to families like yours for over 20 years.

Katie Landis is the Farm Manager:
Elizabeth Swope is the Farm Supervisor:


Pertinent Notes

Four-week sampler shares are available for those who want to get (more than) a taste before jumping on board. Full- and half-sizes available.

Proration for those starting late. Click here to see current pricing.

Don’t forget our referral discount. If you’re a shareholder and get a friend to sign up for a full share, you’ll receive a $75 credit ($40 credit for a half share). Send an email to to let us know who you referred, or call us at 717.871.3110.

Please bring your own basket, cloth or plastic bags if possible. We have bags if you forget!

There is some poison ivy, noticeably among the blueberry vines. Close-toed shoes are advised.

Gift Certificates: Click here to purchase gift certificates for the 2019 farming season. We can deliver a hard copy or electronically, to your loved one or to you.


Sample weekly shares by season (half shares, divide by two)

Early Summer

2 Lettuce Heads
10 Radishes
½ lb Kale
2 lb Garlic Scapes
4 Turnips
1 lb Spring Mix
2 heads Broccoli
Pick your own Snap Peas
Pick your own Strawberries


4 lbs Tomatoes
2 Eggplant
6 Scallions
6 Radishes
2 Head Cabbage
2 lb Peppers
1 lb Green Beans
2 Zucchini
2 Cucumber
3 lb potatoes
2 sweet onion
Pick your own flowers, herbs, cherry tomatoes


1 lb Kale
½ lb Collards
1 lb Asian Greens
1 lb Arugula
2 Heads Bok Choy
8 Radishes
6 Turnips
6 Ears Popcorn
2 Butternut Squash
2 Pumpkins
½ lb Spring Mix
2 Bulbs Garlic
4 Kohlrabis
2 Heads Cabbage

These CSA partners provide sustainable products that you can pick up at Homefields Farm.
Click on their logos to visit their sites directly.


— FAQs —


You can enroll for this season here. Questions? Shoot an email to, or call the farm office at 717.871.3110.

When can I pick up?
During the season, our hours for pickup are: Thursdays, 3:00–7:00pm; Fridays, 11:00am–7:00pm; Saturdays, 9:00am–1:00pm.

How much comes in a share?
A full share typically satisfies a family of four, and a half share is intended for two adults.

Sounds great, what does it cost?
A full share is $695 for the season, or $29 a week. A half share is $425, or $17 a week. If you sign up after the season has started, this amount may be less. Check this link to see what the current prorated amount is.

What if there’s too much food for us?
You and another shareholder can arrange to “share a share”. Just ask the Farm Manager at

How long is a season?
The program runs from early June through mid-November. CSA members are generally permitted to glean from the fields through early December.


What if I go on vacation?
If the Farmer knows in advance, a friend or neighbor is welcome to pick up your share. Or we can donate to a local shelter, if you prefer.

How about those herbs and flowers I’ve heard about?
Homefields Farm has a substantial pick-your-own section of wildflowers, herbs, and vegetables such as hot peppers. These are added bonus items to complement your share.

Do I have to pick-my-own?
Virtually all of your share will be harvested, washed, and separated in a central pickup location. But we’re pretty sure you'll want to head into the PYO area to grab some extra goodies.

Can my dog accompany me in the fields?
Sorry, due to food safety concerns, only service animals in active duty are permitted at Homefields Farm.

Wait, I have another question!
No problem. Email it to us using the form below.

What is a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture program is one that creates a direct, personal relationship between families and farmers. In spring, you purchase a share of the season’s harvest and then each week throughout the growing season you receive the highest-quality, locally grown food, including your favorite staples and unusual specialty items. The farmer can better plan the growing season and gets to know shareholders face-to-face.

What is a Care Farm?

“A care farm utilises the whole or part of a farm to provide health, social or educational care services for one or a range of vulnerable groups of people, providing a supervised, structured program of farming-related activities, rather than occasional one-off visits.”
—U.S. National Library of Medicine

Greenhouse renovation, 2019


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